hackers on backyard monsters (locked)

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I want to report yet another hacker.

He’s openly admitted to ‘taking advantage of the many glitches in the game’ as well as details of his hacking, which I can supply if required.


He basically attacks and if there is a response he immediately is able to take what was taken back and then some. He is consistently able to attack at will and a few days ago took more than 10 fairly well protected OPs within 1 hour and without rest as well as the 4 I rested from him.

He is under attack from all around him, boasts in mail he is so well known on the forums and know exactly what to do to keep his resources refreshed to keep attacking at will.

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It’s better to report users directly to the administration instead of calling them out publicly. To do so, hover your cursor over the cogwheel icon on his profile, click “report abuse”, pick an abuse type and describe the problem in the text box. Your report should be answered in a few days.