Connect Kabam Godfather?

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I play the Godfather on Kabam and would like to know if it is possible to link the games. I only recently connected to Kongregate because one of the members in my crew plays on Kongregate and I wanted to check it out because he told me about Kreds. I am already a Level 49 Player on Kabam and I have my own crew which is ranked #2 on the server and I have spent a lot of time and money over there so if I can’t connect to that user on Kongreate I won’t be playing on Kongregate.

Server: Gilday
User: Madam Tina
Crew: Vesuvius

Thank you!

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If this is a multiplayer game then you likely cannot transfer your save data to Kongregate. Contact the developer, either through the “Report a bug” link or from their profile.

Kongregate only hosts the games, they don’t maintain them.