Bloon TD 5, exp and money lost on account

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Yesterday i opened a new account on kongregate and all my money and exp got lost…. would be nice if someone could help me.
I was lvl 32 and had 550 in game money.

thx for your support and sorry if my englisch i bad.

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did you have the money on the other account? and what website was the other account on?

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Even though BTD5 is a single player game, it still interfaces with the developer’s servers to retrieve account information. Go to the game page and click the “Report a bug” link. Fill out the report accordingly, explaining what happened, that you lost your account, etc. If, after a few days, you don’t receive a reply, send a profile private message to the developer.

Usually an issue like this has to do with the developer’s end. But, just in case, please try a different browser and clear your cache on your main browser. If those two things don’t work, then please contact the developer.