kreed problem. card way is still blocked

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hi there.
i still have that messege.

Credit card purchases have been temporarily disabled for your account.

You have exceeded the maximum number of transaction failures, and we have temporarily disabled credit card checkouts for your account. Please choose another payment method, or contact us at if this is in error.

i send all stuff to admins, and they said they will unlock it…aw…maybe they unlock pay pal stuff?…

any idea how can i get kreeds using my creed card? not pay pal pls.

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Creditcard? It says that it’s been disabled for you, so it’s not going to work. Either way, discussions like this are best kept in private. Either you can continue your conversation over e-mail or you can contact one of the 3 community administrators (IAmTheCandyman, Zshadow and trickyrodent) privately.

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ok i bought from italy 59 kreeds and i want to buy 200 gp. i click add resources then get gp 200 but nothing hapens. WHY?
what should i do? pls help. thx

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When my card got blocked i was asked to contact the kreds support mail and send them credit card holder name and last name and last four digits of credit card number and they got it unlocked for me.