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My chat pane isn’t working, and it’s not just with every game. I checked and it works for every other game except Ultimate Assassin 3. It won’t load the chat pane, and when I click on the game infor tab, if i scroll down, it takes away all the tabs at the top of the pane. It also won’t let me submit my score for the Master Assassin challenge, even though I have 63 acheivements, and I should also get the first badge, because I completed all the easy levels, but it own’t register that either. Can anyone help me?

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Which web browser are you using? Does it do this from other web browsers as well?

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Same issue, loaded it up in Firefox and didnt even have to replay any levels. Instantly got the credit.

Could not connect to chat, clicking any tabs or scrolling scews up the Kongregate tabs, no missing achievement button. IE9.

Opened Firefox, signed in, got credit before the intro finished.