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I haven’t had the opportunity to play any of your games on my computer yet in the whole time I have had an account(over a year). Every time I try to load a game my internet will suddenly disconnect. I assume it is unique to my computer/internet connection as my girlfriend can load it on her computer with no problem and I can’t seem to find any forums with this subject. The few that have hinted at it are unresolved.

I have tried it in all my browsers: IE9, Firefox, Opera, Chrome.

It also can’t be the games themselves because I have played a decent amount on them elsewhere such as and

I am currently wondering if it is to do with my ISP as when I use the phone my broadband internet disconnects, though the Kongregate disconnect problem was happening quite awhile before the phone problem.

Any help/advice would be much appreciated

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See if this post helps any.

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1. I tried refreshing and restarting all web browsers and my computer.

2. No firewall, proxy, ad-blocker, or browser add-on interference. Made sure that ports 5222 and 5229 are allowing traffic(not entirely sure i have done this correctly though). Uninstalled/reinstalled flash player. It is also up to date.

3. Tried all browsers. Reinstalled Firefox to no avail and didn’t bother to do it with the others.

4. Currently using Chrome, not Firefox.

5. Time is correct and have nearly worn out my F5 key.

Any other ideas?

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Hmm, well that’s odd. Do you have another computer in the same household you could try playing from to see if it connects there? This can help us narrow down the source of the problem.