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кто знает где менять язык???

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Having the same problem. I can’t earn badges or chat with anyone. This has been going on for three days I think.
After disabling plug-ins, port forwarding, uninstalling flash then reinstalling, changing dns server, editing hosts file, running for errors in the registry and running a virus scan test I still can’t connect to chat and score servers. In a few minutes I’ll try installing chrome to see if it is a firefox problem, but after that I’m out of ideas.

I can log in and play just fine though, which is weird.
normally what appears is something like game info loaded and the six loading dots animation on the chat tab, but that’s all.
red plug and everything on the top corner.
Also, When I tried to connect and disconnect many times in the same window the only progress I had was the connecting to chat message, but it’s the same problem, it just gets stuck in the loading animation.

I’ll update if I find a solution, but if anyone else had the same problem and managed to solve it, I’ll be roaming forums. Frankly losing a badge or two isn’t that much of an issue, but I’d like to beat the weekly challenge at least.

UPDATE: And somehow the problem was firefox. Chrome seems to work just fine, at least I can see chat now and have a green plug, so medals shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll try playing on chrome for the time being.

But if troublesome plugs were disabled, what happened with my browser?