Popups/Redirects When Browsing Forums on iPhone

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So I frequent the forums from my iPhone, and recently started getting a popup/redirect just like this one (different location name, but same elsewise):

A little googling suggests it’s not a malicious item, just a particularly annoying ad.
When it appears, there’s no way to circumvent it; I have to close my browser.
Can’t just close that tab, as the ad has hijacked the entire screen.
So far haven’t had the same problem with Safari.

iPhone 3GS
IOS 6.0.1
Chrome 21.0.1180.82

So what’s up Kong? You guys have an advertiser being nasty?
Popup blocking in Chrome is “ON” and very effective for me otherwise. Who are the jerks running ads on your site and attempting to redirect me away from you?

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Try e-mailing mobile@kongregate.com for advice.

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We don’t offer pop-up advertisements on mobile, so I’m not sure where this is coming from. Judging by the advertisement, it looks like it’s strictly a mobile advertisement (mobioffers?), so you may want to check your phone’s cookies/cache to see if there’s anything in there stored by an advertising agency.