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With all the crazy things going on the internet today there are things that make your connection to many sites easier. Over the months people have had lots of connection issues to Kongregate over some of their reformatting. Some simple procedures you can change will keep you Connected and playing your games. I have yet to have any of the issues friends have had, and hope that these tips can save some of you from similar issues.

Open DNS
Open DNS info can be found here

Quite helpful to solve some of the naming issues your connection may or may not be having.

Kong’s IP
Using this address you can connect to Kongregate without typing kongregate.com into browser(also dns type trick)

Helpful Software
I do not work for these companies, and am not profiting off of advertising any of the following software, again I am just trying to offer advice for those whom are having issues playing games or connecting to Kong.

Google Chrome
Chrome has a built in version of flash and can eat up less resources. Also usually has a better auto clear in its browser for cache ect than FireFox.
Opera by Oracle
Opera thought to be a decent browser, I love and swear by it; but said to have a few vulnerabilities. Most have been patched and even Chrome or Firefox aren’t perfect.
Virtual Box
Virtual Box Running your machine in a virtual box might keep out downloaded pests and other bugs into what your doing. Also by using a virtual box while using the net you can protect the rest of the machine from what is done inside the virtual box form infections ect. Overall a very good and handy tool when surfing the interwebz.
CC Cleaner
CC Cleaner can get rid of your cache and those cookies and things your browser doesn’t automatically dump when you clear settings. Good for fixing some registry errors and infact quite a handy tool for other things like also when your uninstalling programs. Use this whenever someone tells you to try clearing a browsers cache and reloading a game. Games can store alot of data on your computer or in your browser. Free up that data or any clogged things in those pipes on your computer by running this! I can’t stress the use of this program enough as possibly the most handy/helpful thing so far listed here.!!!

Enjoy and feedback welcome!