Caution: spending kredz

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Kong is having some authentication id/token issues. Please be careful when spending kredz for ingame currency, and be prepared to use in game support(live chat feature) and be prepared to send screenshots of transaction history ect. If ingame support isn’t supported by game, try to contact your game developer. Screenshots of transaction history will be very helpful so let me note that again!

I’m not saying don’t spend, just saying you may run into issues. If so at least you know how to resolve.

Also note: by sending email to kong support don’t expect a quick answer, they are being flooded with email’s for support ect. PLEASE GIVE THEM TIME! (note: Zshadow is friendly and fast but he still only has two hands{or does he?}).
Kong Support:
Kong Support online form

I’m sure this problem will be resolved shortly!!
Happy Gaming all!!

Edited to include kreds support email facepalm Thanks adv0catus!

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For kreds-related issues, it’d probably be faster to contact

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Looks like Kong is aware their DNS server got knocked off. They should be working on it. I would note that once it is up you shouldn’t have issues with in game transactions.

If you had in game transactions PLEASE PLEASE email support. Wouldn’t want to waste their time having to reply to a thousand threads whom had transaction problems while they are sorting out their DNS issue…