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Hi I got a new computer, I signed in, it tells my I’m in but I can’t start a game or load a chat.

What can I do?

lucylund (kongregate name)

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There have been a few people having problems with that game. Are you able to play any other games on Kongregate, or do none of them load?

This is quoted from AlisonClaire:

Originally posted by AlisonClaire:

Hey guys, you can read the the full responses to this problem here But the problem was that, about 36 hours ago (right in the middle of the night for Kong staff) our DNS provider failed making the site totally unreachable. We fixed the problem on our end (and switched DNS providers) but the bad results have been cached in various places so it’ll take awhile for the fix to propagate.

I’m incredibly sorry this is continuing to affect you guys. There are instructions for a way to fix it here that we’ve tried to publicize through our facebook and twitter. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to speed up the process, we just have to wait for the DNS changes to spread.

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No, can’t start any game, doesnt load chat. Kongregate knows my login, but the game mask doesn’t log me in. Maybe because I have a new IP-number now?? (I’m not a computer specialist at all :-(

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Can you take a screenshot of what you see when you go to a game page please?