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I’ve had problems to connect to games for several days now. Yes, i did read the Technical Support F.A.Q. and i did everything on it, it doesnt change anything. Restarted, different browser, cleared cookies, all the fun options we have for such occasions.
I can play, but i can not connect to the chat or to games (to get badges), that is the main problem. When i first had this problem, i checked the forums and several people were complaining about the same issues. I am rather lazy and hoped this problem would solve itself, without me doing anything, yet it does not seem to be the case.
Fyi, i changed nothing on my pc, no updates or new programs, that could or should cause problems.
Any ideas, comments, or advise?

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Are you playing at home, or at work/school? Did this problem start at the same time Kong went down last week?

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I do play at home, yes.
Last week i did notice that the servers went down and i was unable to connect to any game afterwards. The thing is, i am not 100% sure if i could connect before that either. All i know is that i suddenly was unable to connect and that several others commented about experiencing chat problems, as well as having connection errors as well.

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DNS caching usually doesn’t persist that long, but you might want to check anyway. You definitely have connectivity to some of the Kong servers, but not the ones that control chat/game data. One thing you may want to do is switch to Google’s DNS servers. This is explained here: https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/using
You can undo this setting later if you want, but if it works that means you probably have an outdated DNS entry for a server or two.

Are you on Windows?

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I tried switching to Google’s DNS servers, but that does not seem to help at all. It actually killed my connection completely, so i changed it back and am back at square one.

I am on Windows, yes.

Any other ideas about what i could do?

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I was going to suggest flushing your DNS cache, but the likelihood of that making a difference at this point is pretty low if you’ve already successfully swapped DNS servers back and forth with an effect (albeit a negative one). For future reference, the following function at a command prompt can help when your local machine is using old values:
ipconfig /flushdns

Are you using a big name ISP or a local one?

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Even if the chances for a flush were low, i tried it and it did not change anything.

My ISP is Unitymedia, though i do not really know how big and well known they are outside of germany.

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Looks like Unitymedia is one of three big cable internet providers, so we’ll assume your problem isn’t a small town provider with bandwidth issues.

Can you ping chat.kongregate.com?

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If you tell me how to do that, i can give it a try.

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Nevermind, i figured it out.
I will just translate and quote it, since i do not know what kind of information you need:

Ping was executed for a1421.g.akamai.net [] with 32 bytes of data:
Answer from Bytes=32 Time=9ms TTL=59
Answer from Bytes=32 Time=10ms TTL=59
Answer from Bytes=32 Time=9ms TTL=59
Answer from Bytes=32 Time=9ms TTL=59

Ping Statistic for
Pakets: Send = 4, Revieved = 4, Lost = 0
(0% Lost)
Estimated Time in Milisec.:
Minimum = 9ms, Maximum = 10ms, Average = 9ms

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Hmm. I’m getting the same hostname (a1421.g.akamai.net) but a different IP ( from a ping on chat.kongregate.com. Akamai is a huge content distribution network, which basically duplicates data across localized servers to optimize performance. Unfortunately, sometimes CDN updates don’t happen quickly enough (like when you try to view a YouTube video and it doesn’t load more than 3 seconds before stalling even though other videos load immediately).

One sec, I’ll update this reply with a link to someone’s instructions for forcing your computer to use a different known IP address for the Kongregate score/chat servers.

Edit: Here’s solprovider’s post from back when the DNS provider pooped on Kong.

Originally posted by solprovider:

1. If you have a modern version of MS Windows, Start – Run – then enter:
notepad SystemRoot\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Everybody else, read here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hosts_(file)

2. Add these 4 lines to the bottom of the file: kongregate.com www.kongregate.com developers.kongregate.com api.kongregate.com a.kongregate.com of1.kongregate.com bosh1.kongregate.com chat.kongregate.com cdn1.kongregate.com cdn2.kongregate.com cdn3.kongregate.com cdn4.kongregate.com internal.kongregate.com external.kongregate-games.com assets.kongregate.com

3. Save.

4. Kong should work after refreshing. Please PM me if I missed a server name.

5. When the Admins fix Kong, you can disable this by opening the file again, and adding a # at the beginning of those 4 lines, like: # assets.kongregate.com

There are numerous IP addresses that should work (but might not for whatever reason), but these addresses worked for most people during the downtime. It’s not clear from the forum word wrap, but each of those paragraphs starting with an IP address is actually a separate single line with a space between each URL.

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I managed to change the hosts file and added these four lines. I used copy&paste, since these paragraphs are formatted in the way you described.
Each IP address is written as a seperate line, as well as the URLs have a space between them.

Sadly, this did not fix my problems at all. The chat still says “Game info loaded” and a line of dots appears and disappears, no changes with the connection either.

Did i do something wrong, or did this attempt just not work?

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It’s probably something else then. I’m not sure of Kongregate’s status messages since I’ve never seen them. You should probably undo the changes to the hosts file so the CDN can redirect you as needed.

See if any of the suggestions in this thread make a difference:

Is there any possibility that your firewall or other security software had an automatic (and silent) update that increased security?

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First: I tried shutting down my firewall, as well as any security software, that did not help. Then i tried the suggestions made in that thread.

First step in the right direction. As before, i tried using IE to connect to the server and i had the same problems as with FF. Then i tried the compability view and finally saw the green symbol in the top right corner again. With that view active, FlashPlayer did not work though, IE said i need to update it. Did that, changed nothing (it was already up to date anyway) . I switched the compability back to normal and the game loaded and the green symbol is present. Now for the bad news.

I still can not recieve badges and i can not join the chat. Instead of the previous “Game info loaded”, i now get “Joining room” with no progress whatsoever.

Nothing changed in FF and the problem still persists.

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I recently had the neverending “Joining room” thing on Firefox. There was a recent change how chat loads, requiring users to actively click on the Chat tab in most cases. Flipping between tabs and refreshing didn’t help. What worked for me was opening a new tab for another game, which immediately forced a disconnect notification on the first tab. The “Reconnect Me” button fixed me there.

I know you’ve updated Flash, but have you tried fully uninstalling it and rebooting before reinstalling? Sometimes a dirty upgrade maintains artifacts from earlier installations that interfere with functionality.

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Amusingly, this dirty upgrade did the trick for IE. Deinstalled and installed the flashplayer for both FF and IE, no changes with FF, but IE connects fully.

So, if this is truly a problem caused by the flashplayer alone, what can i do to make it work in FF? I do not really like IE…

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Check your Firefox Add-ons Manager for Flash entries. When I first updated to 11.x, it still had a 10.x in the list and they conflicted. This happened even after uninstalling through the normal method, so I had to kill it directly in the manager.

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Sadly, no such thing was the problem. It says Shockwave Flash 11.5, there is no older entry.

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Which version did you use when you reinstalled?


There is a separate version for IE vs. other browsers. If it’s working for IE, maybe you just have that version and need to retry the “Other Browser” version?

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I installed two flashplayers, one for IE and one for FF. Each program is for the specific browser in question.

For FF, i used the Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.110, named “Shockwave Flash 11.5.502.110”. IE uses the same version number, but it was installed seperately by IE, as it could not find/use the installed FF version.

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What version of Firefox are you using? Have you considered uninstalling/reinstalling that too? I know that’s potentially even more of a hassle =/

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I was using FF 17, deinstalled it and reinstalled it, no changes.
Tested the FF 18 beta just now, no connection and no luck.

This is beginning to feel like an endless circle of problem → possible solution → back to the same problem.

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Yeah… and watch it be some completely minor issue we overlooked.

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ive had this no connect to chat no achievements for so many months that i stopped coming to the site. Even my flash settings are on allow with no effect its sad. I always keep up to date on latest versions of flash (have even done uninstall registry cleanups and and reintalls) and i use firefox. I remember all the achievements and chat working a year ago (which is how i got to level 15 coz they worked then)

as for all other sites i have no problems using flash

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Maybe time will fix this, some future update of whatever kind and suddenly i can connect again, it is a possiblity. Yet, i would prefer a working connection, badge hunting is really no fun if one can not get badges.

So, Weasel… Ran out of ideas what we could possible do as well?