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Just wanted to let you guys know that there may be something wrong with the profile feeds. Yesterday and today, I finished the game Decision, earning the four badges. Although my feed preferences are set to allow earned achievements to appear, none of the four badges appeared (I would have removed all but the hard anyway, but nothing—including the hard—ever showed up).

Although the badges did not appear in my feed, they did record to the badges section properly. That said, my badges count is still incorrect, despite raising the issue months ago. My total badges (as confirmed by both Badge Master and Badge Browser) and hard badges should each be one higher—I believe the error occurred by earning the two Monsters’ Den Chronicles hards simultaneously several months ago.

Anyway, in case something got scrambled with the feeds, I thought I’d bring this up.

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Yes i had that same problem with that game infact…But unfortunetly there is not a known way to fix that besides sending a support ticket.