Kongregate Freezing

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Any game i open makes this happen, flash or unity.

I start any game and can play a lot of time, some cases about 1-2 hours, then the click mouse freeze the game, whenever place i click this occur, achievements, comments or game, but the keys are working nice, some games i just see the bug when i finish it (like Shift), others really bugs me (like Berzerf Ball 2).

I use IE9, this bug started like a couple weeks ago, since i have make the sticky keys solution, then i remove that solution and nothing, just make the bug occur more late.

Thanks for any help

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The problem of sticky keys usually occurs in Internet Explorer, though it happens in other browsers as well. This article should help you out.

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My problem isnt about sticky keys, is just mouse click makes slow freezes at kongregate webpage, but i did a save backup files and a system clean, i had about 15GB (yeah, this amaze me too) in cache memory, later then, no more problems, topic closed!