ArmorGames not working

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Anytime I try to open up a ArmorGame – such as This is the Only Level Too – I get a

‘400 Bad request
Your browser sent an invalid request.’

I’m on Win 7 64x home, using the most updated version of Google Chrome.


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maybe you might need to try a different browser.

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Originally posted by 123aaa789:

400 errors are caused by opening something like 10 games by a developer in a short enough period of time. In order to “fix” it, you need to clear your session cookies (not all cookies, and not cache). I’m not sure of a vanilla way to do it from your browser, but I use Web Developer for this and other reasons. It adds in a right-click menu that allows you to resolve this problem with just a couple clicks.

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Clearing out the cookies worked, thanks adv0catus!