Then clear my current account and any account created with my IP. (locked)

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As was said in the previous thread, the administration has deemed it to be an inappropriate name, and as such they banned the account. You are free to question it, however the decision is still theirs to make, and since you agreed to the terms of use there is not much you can do about it, unfortunately.

Originally posted by Terms of Use:

Account Termination/No Ownership of Account: You understand and agree that you have no ownership rights in your Account. Kongregate may cancel your Account and delete all User Content associated with your Account at any time, and without notice, if Kongregate deems that you have violated these Posting Rules, the Terms, the law, or for any other reason. Kongregate assumes no liability for any information removed from our Site, and reserves the right to permanently restrict access to the Site or a user Account.

These Terms constitute a binding agreement between you and Kongregate, and is accepted by you upon your use of the Site or your Account. These Terms constitutes the entire agreement between you and Kongregate regarding the use of the Site and your Account.

As for just deleting your account instead of banning it, Kongregate will never delete an account, especially in the case of an inappropriate name, since the user (in this case, you) who owned the account may choose to have the name changed and then the account will be unbanned. Also, if it were deleted, the name would be available again, which wouldn’t be a good thing, since it was already banned for a reason.