[Resolved] Can't see new game version?

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I uploaded a new version for my game Anti-Idle: The Game today. It worked fine in the preview screen but after publishing, I still see the old version in the game page. Kong leaderboards API seems to prove that some people are seeing the new version of the game (ver. 1537), but some aren’t (I set it to submit current version the player is playing). Any idea why it won’t work for some people?

I’ve tried clearing cache multiple times, logging out of Kong account, pressing Ctrl + F5 and playing in private browsing mode, but I can’t see the new version of my own game. The preview page works fine, but not the main game page.

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It could be just the preview page having issues. I seem to recall them appending a gameversion var to the end of the swf’s URL to force a reload. There could be an issue with that.

I think you should try a different browser (one rarely used), clear the entire cache and then load up the preview URL without playing the game. Of course, that is a pain.

You could always build a wrapper swf which loads your gamefile. Then the wrapper could check versions and possibly force the correct swf to load. It seems a bit excessive though, for a single player game.

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I cleared cache again and now the game won’t even load. Some people are reporting similar issues (with either gray screen or seeing old version after refresh). I blame Kong server.

I’ll consider it “resolved”, I guess. Thanks.

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Same here: Gray screen after reloading the game…
(Btw, this game is awesome, excellent!).