Hackers in sas3 (locked)

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Iv been rank 50 for about 3 weeks now,I joined about a month ago and play this game non stop and only have 3.5 million kills. they all joined kongregate 1-2 months ago and have 100million – 3.5 billion kills, im not posting this because im jealous. Im posting thise because its impossible. Here is my proof, besides what i already stated in the link at the top.

if you do apoc, or purge farm it takes about 1 hour to get 100,000 kills, so 1 million kills would take 10 hours of straight game play.
so to get 3.5 billion kills would take 35000 hours, thats 1458 days, thats way more than 1-2 months. for 100million kills it would take 1000 hours, thats 41 days of 24/7 gameplay.

Hacker SAS3 – is non only admitting it in his name,but has 3.5 billion kills, and has been a member for 70 days. would take 1458 days of straight gameplay to get that many kills, impossible to be done in 70 days.

macacuzao- 2 billion kills and has been a member for 81 days, 2 billion kills would take 833 days, impossible to do in 81 days.

matthewfangmeyer- 1 billion kills and has been a member for 43 days, 1 billion kills would take 416 days, impossible to get in 41 days

crycyber- 690 million kills and 800 million wins, been a member for 34 days, getting 690 million kills would take 287 days, impossible to get that many kills or wins in 34 days, they’re only 2 game modes u can win on and no matter what your lvl u would at least get over 100 zombies making it impossible to have more wins than kills let alone that many.

hicri001- 110 million kills and has been a member for 50 days, 110 million kills would take 45 days of 24/7 gameplay, i was actually online and saw this, he got that score in 1day. Im sure i can find some other witnesses.

And now for the oldest member out of these guys on that ranking list is
Master2- 1.3 billion kills has has been a member for about 5 years, but as shown in this pic http://prntscr.com/pue75 sas zombie assault 3 for kongregate was published on 2012/8/01 so if he played since the game was released it would be 142 days and getting 1.3 billion kills would take 541 days, impossible to do in 142 days.

Calculate it yourself, all these guys hacked.

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You should report these persons individually and privately by going to their profile, hovering the cursor over the wheel icon, clicking “report abuse” and picking an abuse type to access a reporting text box. Calling them out publicly isn’t the best way to deal with the problem.

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Don’t publicly call out users. Report abuse from their profiles.

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sorry, i didnt know if i was suppose to post it here or pm someone.