Disconnecting in Deadzone

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In Dead Zone: Last Stand, every 5-10 minutes, I get a “you’ve been disconnected from the server, please refresh” message. Often happens in the middle of a mission. Really frustrating.

I’m in China… I don’t think it is my router/modem. Using fully updated firefox. I tried switching to Chrome to see if that helps, it didn’t.

This last time, I lost a very good book (Ooh, Shiny) and I am really annoyed…

User Id: kong3614662

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According to what I know, you should fill a bug report on that game, since it’s a in-game issue. You can find a button to do so on the game page.

I hope I recalled that right, and we will never hear of you again.

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I’ve also done that… but it seems that the problem happens when I get disconnected from Kong servers. The chat screen goes to that page that comes up if you log onto 2 games at once… then the game gives the error. I would therefore narrow the problem down to my computer not staying connected reliably to Kong… that could leave my router, modem, ISP, Kong’s ISP, Kong’s server, The Great Firewall of China, or some other entity between me and Kong…
At least, that is my best guess so far.