My Favorites needs a makeover

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There’s a few things about “favorites” that are important. These three things should be implemented ASAP:

1. “Most Played” favorites should be organized according to the amount of times that user has played it. My two favorites are Co-op Toon Shooter: Rise of the Fleet and ShellShock Live 2, and they aren’t at the top. They SHOULD be. Heck, Toon Shooter isn’t even on the first page, and it’s my very favorite Kongregate game.

2. Ability to hide favorites would be great. Many of my favorites I don’t play too often, but I’d like to be able to play them once in a little while. Either make a second-rank “Absolute Favorite” (which forces them to the top of the list) or just hide them.

3. How about making a page that shows the 5 most recently played of each category? That would fix the mix-ups.

How about it guys? Make Kongregate more friendly to guys like me who spend just about all their home hours on it!

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This seems like more of a suggestion to me. :D

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Maybe, put this in kongregate forum?