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Hello, I am not trying to be rude, or waste your time, but i keep getting this white window that pops up in my game and it asks to store info on my computer. It has happened at random times, in several of my games, and it freezes the screen, my game, and the chat room. One time I hit allow, and it screwed my computer over so badly, I had to get a new one. But when I hit deny, it does not go away, nor does it unfreeze my screen. I am not looking to get money for my computer (that would be stupid and a waste of our time) just to make it stop happening. I do not wish to have to get a new computer again, so please make it stop popping up if at all possible.
Thank you for your time and effort, and I appreciate your time in reading this.

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That’s Flash trying to store the save file on your computer. Save files are almost always saved on your computer, so it’s a good thing. The files take up a very very small amount so setting it to “Unlimited” is okay. To do so, right click within the game window, go to Settings then Storage and slide it to “Unlimited”.

If your computer was having problems because of this, there were a lot of things wrong with your computer…