Impossible to play Chronicles of Blood Loot Challenge

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Hi All,

I can´t find any information about, i can´t play Chronicles of Blood Loot becouse the game keeps refreshing on and on and on.Why I´m not able to pick the ticket for the gamble? Please fix the game. Its not fair…
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Which web browser are you using? Does it do this from other web browsers as well?

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I´m using latest Mozilla firefox 64 bit, also using latest java.

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To play that challenge the quest the following conditions have to be met.

1. Quest is active (when you kill a target creature there is a note there on how many more you still need to kill)
2. Hunt for them in Crows Cemetery (although there is a chance for them to appear using blood pearls, they are more likely to appear on better bait)
3. Defeat the creature three times in combat.
4. Visit the quest giver and turn in the quest.

Once the quest is turned in, you will receive a “ticket”. This is an non-clickable item which puts you in the raffle.

You might want to try the quest again, but the cool down time makes this highly unlikely. Best of luck.

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It’s a moot point, braxx74. The contest deadline was January 31st.