Computer crashing with Kongregate flash files

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Hi all, i’d like to report this bizzarre problem that happens to me. Each time i try to open a flash game on Kongregate, it causes my computer to freeze, and it only happens when i try to open Kongregate, while with other sites flash player works without problem… Do you have any suggestion to resolve this problem?

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First off, is the game a Unity game? Most people have trouble loading the Unity games especially. My suggestion would be to try it in another browser, preferably Google Chrome.

Make sure you’re allowing Kongregate to store unlimited information on your computer. This can be a problem. Easy fix is:
Right Click Game Window > Settings > Slide the Slider to the Far right for Unlimited data. (Don’t check the box “Never Ask Again”)

What OS are you running? And how old is your computer?

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If you are already using Google Chrome, try Firefox. Also, re-install your flash player to start out fresh.