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a new survey toluna india is realesed i tried it and successfully registered but didnt get the kerds so plz see to it i get kerds as i have given true info .

with regards ad100

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[Read Before Posting] Technical Support F.A.Q.

Originally posted by Zshadow:

3. If you are missing Kreds through TrialPay or our free Kreds offers, you will need to contact TrialPay. For support with any free kred offers on Kongregate, or to check the status of a pending offer, visit the Get Kreds page, click “Fund your account”, choose “Earn Free Kreds” and click “Support” to view your pending offer status. From here you will also be able to contact the customer service team at TrialPay about your missing Kreds. Alternatively, you can contact them from this link: