"Best so far" and "Currently" is stuck at 0. I can't earn the Badge of the Day.

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The same thing happened yesterday and today. When I was killing enemies, it stayed at 0 on Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, so I assumed it was the game’s end. But now it’s happening again. When I refreshed, it was still 0. When I cleared a hole, it’s still 0. And I can’t report this w/ a screenshot because as long as it’s still 0, the only way I could possibly prove this is w/ a video, but I don’t have a webcam or anything like that.

Please help.

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If the plug in the top right of the chat area is red, it means you’re not connected to the scoring server, and as such this post could be of use to you. If it’s green, then this post is of more use to you.

You can try to take a screenshot of something in-game that would prove that you’ve earned the achievement, it doesn’t matter what it says in the badge area.