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Hi, Im new on kongregate and I just uploaded my first game made in unity3d.

I got some questions I couldnt figure the answers and support@ said I could have it here. I didnt found a “search” button, please forgive me. Here are my questions:

About the code:
- I would like to know if my game is elegible to the contests. It has a login to Twitter user feed to post highscores, but does not work as it seems “forbiden”. It has a Facebook user feed to post highscores, but it was also not implemented. And it has a “change name” to record highscores on my website (no login at all). Is this all right or some of it does not comply to participate the contests? Was it correctly set?

About the statistics:
The game was hosted on my website first, then I uploaded it here about 5 days later. It send some statistics to my website. Yesterday, I suddenly saw a lot of access on my httpd to these statistics files but it was not compatible with what I see on kongregate page, so I suspected someone was either playing with my statistics or the game file was stolen and hosted somewhere else, so I redirected all the requests to my game file on my website to kongregate page. It does not stopped all the requests and the difference between kong and my website was enourmous. While kongregate registed about 500 gameplays, my website registered about 5000 gameplays. The statistics was consistent which suggest the game was being hosted anywhere else than, then I went to my crossdomain.xml and reset it to * and * and the requests was gradually stopped. Someone can confirm such hipotesis mine? Do the kongregate gameplays count only kongregate users? Im asking that because my website registered a lot of “guests” with absolutely no signs or clues that all of it was being “forged” or hacked, althoug it is possible. I recorded about 2935 unique IPs that seems valid and not spoofed.

The game is supposed to be hosted ONLY here now:

And my website statistics are here:

Please help me to better understand these things that happened to me. Thank you in advance!

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huh? I must be doing something wrong :( as theres still no answers…

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I was going to answer earlier but refrained cause it wasn’t really an answer.

Your game is eligible for contests. Why would it not be? There is only one case where it wouldn’t be, and I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that unless your game is a MMO.

Your game play stats could come from a variety of sites that steal games from Kongregate’s new game pages.