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Hi guys,

i play The Godfather: Five Families (kabam) with my
kongregate account.

Now I urgently need ingame-support which seems only
available with a kabam account.

So my question is, how do I get ingame support or how can
i log into that game directly.

Thanks for your help!

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Have you tried filing a game bug report?

What sort of error are you experiencing with the game?

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Thank you Zshadow for answering.

1) In order to report anything to kabam you have to login with your game-account. My kongregate-account seems to be of no use in this matter. So the door to support is shut. Does Kongregate provide any way for me to get to kabam support?

2) Unfortunately the game “The godfather: Five Families” has a lot of performance problems lately. Units are vanishing, buildingoperations get functionless, … etc.
Other gamers somehow get used to sending support tickets.
Most of the problems are solved after a while but some need support.
In my case the activation-button for my main production facility is useless for days caused by some – i guess – unfinished routine. (event-respektpoints calculation).

I was told without kabam support this game cant be played properly. Which brings me back to my first question.
Does Kongregate provide any way for me to get to kabam support?

I appreciate any advice.

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Zshadow was talking about the Kongregate link to report a bug to the developer. It’s below the games in the information section:

Those bugs are sent to the developer.

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Thank you IceWeaselX, i missed that.