Save Data deleted from Games while still having the .sol Files [solved]

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This is my last salvation.

Here’s the story:

It was a fine, dandy Monday when I came back home from my lovely school. After doing some daily rituals, I hopped on to my computer excited to play Mardek RPG 3, the best game on this website. Everything was going fine until the game successfully loaded. As soon as it displayed the friendly reminders about setting data storage to unlimited in the beginning of the game, I knew something was wrong: I remembered turning the reminders off several days ago. I then proceeded to the main menu in anxiety. Greeted by the Mardek theme, I was relieved for a second, absorbed by the nostalgic melody. But it was not over yet. I quickly pressed the buttons to bring up the loaded games. This is where I died a little inside. The page, as I stared, was filled with nothing but brown, blank slates. No character displays, no gameplay time, no “last saved” date. Nothing. I continued staring at the screen in awe, unsure about how to react to this unspeakable catastrophe.

At last, I shook myself awake and refreshed the page in hope to restore my devoted progress to the game. Still nothing. I then asked fellows in various chatrooms for guidance on how to resolve this abomination. The quest was, surprisingly, unsuccessful. But alas, I was fortunate enough to gather the fact that my .sol files for the game were still retained in my directory. I then checked by playing other single-player games and was disappointed that the save data for those games were gone as well, even though their respective .sol files were still intact in usual directory.

My request here is for you all caring passerby to help me retrieve my beloved save data through any ways possible.

Oh, and I use Google Chrome.

Here’s a sample picture of my directory. As you can see, the Mardek .sol files are clearly there:

And here’s a picture of the ruined, dreaded game. Just horrible!

If possible, if anyone could lead me down to the right path, I will be forever grateful to your divine guidance.

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Can you check to see if you have any mardek saved sol files in

C:\Users\{yourusername}\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash\WritableRoot\#SharedObjects\{random}\
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Yes, it is right inside the file.

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There are 2 places where saved files can get saved with Chrome. The location I posted was not the one you are currently in (in the screenshot) from what I can tell.

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I assure you that it is of the same page. I simply set the files to organize according to the “date modified” instead of alphabetically. Here is one sorted alphabetically scrolled to the middle of the page.

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Ok, so then, check the other directory:

C:\Users\{name}\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\{numbers}\

I’m not sure how its decided where the shared objects go. It could have been some recent update with Flash Player or Chrome. The ones I’ve seen go into the Chrome folder in pepper flash, but when I loaded up Mardek today, it showed up in Macromedia where normally shared objects go to.

EDIT Issue is resolved. Cowfriend copy/pasta’d sols into this directory.

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Had the exact same problem. Thanks UG & CF!!!