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Some player , can’t opening castlot game, we have grey screen, can’t see
i dont know if all players see like me , i undestand you haved some problems, and you was in maintanance

please resolv this situation

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So there have been probably 15 admins in the room to see it and yet nothing has changed. I logged out of Kongregate and refreshed the Castlot game. It comes up to the Castlot login screen, but does nothing when you actually login – it just sits there on the login screen. The admins earlier said it was on the game side and not the Kong side but it appears that it has something to do with the Kongregate login process – possibly something changed in the changes today with Kong here? Anyways, if someone could give it a fresh look it would be nice.

If you are already logged into Kongregate when you load the game it just comes directly to a gray screen (after the ad runs).

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Our team is working on fixing this.