How do you find an old forum thread?

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I reported an issue on this forum about Google Chrome randomly displaying a sideways scrollbar on some game pages, and I wanted to update it after doing some googling about it… However, I can’t find any way to find it!

Is there a search function for this forum that I’m missing?

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All Forum Search

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Ahh Thank you :)

But it doesn’t find it either:


Result 2 there shows the thread on page 2 of the topic lists… but it’s out of date, and it’s not on page 2 anymore…

Is there another way to search for it?

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Here you go

I googled “sideways scrollbar google chrome kongregate”

You can also view your old posts by clicking on your forum post count on your profile page

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Ahh yes, thank you :) Duh!, yes, finding it by clicking on the post count is the easiest way.