Horizontal scrollbar appearing on Google Chrome

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Since the last Kong design update, Google Chrome has randomly loaded game pages with a horizontal scrollbar that scrolls to the right to nothing. (By ‘randomly’, I mean sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t… but it happens enough to annoy me… about 50% of the time).

I have previously posted here about it weeks go, but I can’t find my old thread to update it.

Here is an example (full screenshot of the browser): http://gyazo.com/dc28b99b93adcbd0b270630b70d4c94d

(You might notice I am using Adblock Plus and Flash Block extensions, but this problem is not related to any extensions as it still does it in incognito mode with all extensions turned off).

I have tried it on 3 different computers, and it happens (randomly) on all of them.

Loads of other people must also be having this issue, but perhaps aren’t bothered by it or don’t even notice.

I did some googling on the issue and found these pages that might be of interest to someone fixing the issue:



It looks like it’s an issue with how chrome deals with a CSS box sizing…

But since chrome is now the most used browser in the world, Kong should be written to allow for it’s quirks.

I posted about this issue many weeks ago (soon after the new kong layout was implemented), but didn’t get much response to it (and I didn’t watch it, and now I can’t find it).

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Thanks to my other thread asking how to search old forum posts I found my previous topic

However, lets keep that one dead, as I have included everything in this new topic.

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Does pressing “ctrl 0” help any?

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I have had a problem like that before but it went away.

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No, pressing ctrl+0 does nothing (due to the page not being zoomed)… But any resize of the window, or maximizing and restoring, instantly gets rid of the scrollbar… Also zooming in and out again gets rid of it.

I use a 1920×1080 monitor, and don’t use the browser fullscreen, however, my girlfriend has a laptop at 1280×800 and always uses the browser maximized, and she also has this happen randomly…

On more testing:

When the scrollbar is not there, refreshing never makes it appear… But when clicking in the address bar and hitting enter, the page sometimes loads with the sideways scrollbar, sometimes doesn’t (50/50).

Note: It only happens on ‘larger’ game pages (like the size of Canyon Defence 2 in my screenshot in the OP)…. It never happens on games that have a very small iframe.

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Is the resolution of your computer set to match the resolution of your monitor?

You can usually check this by right-clicking your desktop, and going to “personalize” or “display settings”. Play around with your resolution settings and see if that makes any change.

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There are 3 possible solutions.
Maximize your window… In the picture your window isn’t maximized.
Change your resolution to 1920×1080 and maximize your window.
Lastly, use Firefox.

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Zshadow: Thanks for your reply again, however, this is not a problem with my PC… Anyone should be able to replicate this. Yes my monitor is at it’s native resolution, and Monsterjamp: No, I don’t use the browser maximized.

In the chat room I have asked if other people have the horizontal scrollbar that scrolls into a blank space to the right, and many people have said yes.

This issue happens because of the way google chrome handles a box resizing in CSS… It’s been an issue with chrome for a long time, and they don’t seem to be bothered about fixing it… so website developers should work around it…

I created this topic to report the problem… I cannot fix it, because I don’t manage the kong website design :P

Many people may this this isn’t a big deal, and you’d be correct… However, for a website that operates by encouraging developers to publish their work here, little design quirks and tweaks can be important.