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Does anyone know if there are plans in the works to make it so that you get referral credit for those friends of yours who sign up through the facebook app after you send them an invitation through facebook?

I’ve had two friends sign up to kongregate through facebook because I’ve sent them an invite and they do not show up as referalls for me.

A possible solution for this could be to have a place in your profile where you can type in the name of the person who referred you. That way for those who made an account without following the correct link or whatever can still give the proper credit to those that referred them. Of course one you type in the name of the person who referred who you would not be able to change it to prevent fraudulent referrals and the like.

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They should have the facebook links include the “?referrer=username”. There’s two posts on it already and it’s simple enough to do I imagine so hopefully they’ll include it soon.

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So, anyone know if there’s a plan to include referral links in the stories kong is sending out to facebook sometime in the future? Or is this never going to happen?