Kingdom rush Bug (locked)

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I can’t Get the last badge for kingdom rush because the last level refuses to give me any stars. I’ve completed the last level (Obviously, Since it gave me the badge for beating the final boss) But It stays at 0 stars, So Iron and Heroic modes won’t unlock. I finished the level with 19 lives, So technically it should of been 3 stars. I beat it 3 more times and still didn’t even get one star. I sent in a bug report to the developer a few weeks ago and Haven’t got a reply. It was brought back to my attention by someone messaging me asking if I was ever able to fix it, So I checked the comments and My comment has over 300 +’s, So Obviously Im not the only one getting this bug in the game.

P.S. If this isn’t the right section, Go ahead and move it.

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You did the right thing by reporting a game bug. Seeing how your comment is at the top with hundreds of people agreeing with you…you are not alone with your problem. I played the game long ago and got the stars already so I can’t test it myself…but it seems as though you just have to wait and see if the developer fixes it.

It might help to leave a message with IronHideGames

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Thanks for the link BTrenary, I just sent them a message, Now we just wait and see xD It’s kinda weird that some people get the stars but some don’t, I wonder whats causing it o_o. I don’t think it would matter too much, But what browser do you use? I use chrome. xD

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I am having the same problem.

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Me too :(

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Me three…

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Same problem here. I also submitted a bug notice. I use Firefox, but maybe I’ll try Internet Explorer.

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It might be better to click the “Report bug” link on the game page and filling that out. The report is emailed directly to the developer. If they don’t visit Kongregate very often, it might take a while for them to see the message.

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Same problem. I’ve contacted Ironhide but waiting on reply. Does anyone moderate these forums? Has Kong contacted Ironhide? I’ve paid for the premium content and a little flaw that prevents the game from being finished SUCKS….

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Same problem here. Completed on Hard, Normal, and Easy with no loss of lives. End up with completion screen, then credits each time, but no stars whatsoever and Heroic and Iron levels are still locked for me. This happens only on the Dark Tower level; all other levels are working fine. I have the premium account. I use Chrome, but this game does the same thing to me in IE. Submitted a bug notice a few days ago. No word yet from Kongregate.

For anyone that doesn’t know how to report this bug: Go to the Games tab on the right side of your Kingdom Rush game screen. In the section labeled Kingdom Rush (Created by: Ironhidegames), look for a link called Game Bug. Select that link and then follow the instructions in the new window.

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Considering only 15 people have gotten the badge over the last 5 days, it is affecting everyone. Those 15 might have had old saves or transferred .sol’s from another site.

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Elizabee – thanks for the info on where the "official"bug reporting is. I used that yesterday. I have already emailed IronHide directly last week and no response from them that way either. I have a feeling that pretty much no one cares since they are too busy working on KR2…

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Beat the last level about 5 times w/ all 20 lives – no stars. Thought it might be because I had a 2 star earlier level. Knocked that out and finished final again. No stars.

I are sad, indeed.

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I’m having the same problem too. I beat the game a couple months ago on the Armor Games website and it worked just fine for me over there….

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Yep we are all still having this and no response from Kong or Ironhide…

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Originally posted by Tinkerhell69:

Yep we are all still having this and no response from Kong or Ironhide…

Enough time has passed that both the developer and Kongregate surely know about this issue. Just await their response.

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For those who are having problems gaining the 3 stars for the final “Dark Tower” battle there is a work around.

I too found that once I finished the final battle, even though I’d won and still had 20 lives I did not receive the 3 stars and being bloody minded I decided to figure out how to get them ( }:) <- Evil Grin ).

This method requires you to have a basic knowledge of file copying and also requires you to visit another online game site ( Armor Games ).

If you don’t think you’re able to do either of these things read no Further.

For those still reading here’s the scary part…..

WARNING !!! If you mess up the following you could/will lose your “Kingdom Rush” progress.

If you’re still reading then here we go ……

Kingdom Rush is also available on the Armor Games site.
The version on AG allows you to complete the final level and receive the stars.

You need to copy you’re saved game data files from the Kong “Kingdom Rush” saved data folder to the AG “Kingdom Rush” saved data folder.

The easiest way is to use something like Explorer.exe and set it to show details rather than icons and it might help also to set it to view hidden files and folders.

Firstly open a tab in your browser and go to …

That ^ is the address for Kingdom Rush on AG.

You don’t have to register to play this game on AG.

Let the game load then click “Play” then click “Start”.
Choose one of the “New Game” slots on the right side under “Local Save” and play the first level.

Once you’ve done that go back to the menu of “Kingdom Rush” then close the AG tab.

You played that level to allow AG to create the folders on your system so it can save data.

Ok now you have all you need.

The Kong data files are stored in a folder C:\blah..blah…blah\KingdomRush_v1.071_s_sl_Kongregate_nopremium.swf

The exact path will vary depending on you’re operating system but on XP its something like..

C:\Documents and Settings\“Username”\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\X89C7J8T\\gamez\0013\3293\live\KingdomRush_v1.071_s_sl_Kongregate_nopremium.swf

Note. “username” will be the name which is logged into your computer without the quotation marks.
Note. X89C7J8T is the randomly generated folder name that “Flash Player” created. It will be different on each PC.
Note. I’m unsure if the \0013\3293\ will be the same on each PC. If not it will be something similar.
The important part is the \KingdomRush_v1.071_s_sl_Kongregate_nopremium.swf.

That is the folder where the data is stored in files named “krslot1.sol” and/or “krslot2.sol” and/or “krslot3.sol”
Each file corresponds to one of your saved game slots on “Kingdom Rush”.

You need to copy the file/files in that folder to the AG equivalent.

The AG data files are stored in a folder..

C:\Documents and Settings\“Username”\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\X89C7J8T\\files\games\kingdom-rush-12141.swf

Again the exact path will vary but the important thing is the \kingdom-rush-12141.swf

You need to copy the files from the \KingdomRush_v1.071_s_sl_Kongregate_nopremium.swf. folder into the \kingdom-rush-12141.swf folder.

You may have 1 2 or all 3 krslotx.sol files depending how many slots you used.

When copying you may be prompted to overwrite the existing file in the AG folder, overwrite it as we want the Kong data not the Ag data.

Once you’ve copied the files, open a new tab in your browser and load the AG address the same as you did earlier.

Click “Play” then click “Start”

Once loaded you should see your Kong saved games in the slots on the right under “Local Save”

You can now play the last level and get those pesky stars you so richly deserve.

Wooohoooo thats what I’m talkin bout !!!

Wait… your not finished quite yet…. you still have to do the copying in reverse so you can continue to play “Kingdom Rush” on Kong with your newly acquired stars.

Simply copy the files from the \kingdom-rush-12141.swf folder into the \KingdomRush_v1.071_s_sl_Kongregate_nopremium.swf, overwriting the existing files and you’re all done.

I hope this has helped those of you having sleepless nights stressing about those missing stars. :)



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Tacyarts’ instruction worked very well for me.

The savegame path on my system (win 7 64bit) from kongregate is
C:\Users\Burny\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\U99SHHHR\\gamez\0013\3293\live\KingdomRush_v1.071_s_sl_Kongregate_nopremium.swf

and the one from armor games is
C:\Users\Burny\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\U99SHHHR\\files\games\kingdom-rush-12141.swf

I have beaten the last level on easy difficulty with 20 lives on armor games after copying my savegame from kongregate. I recopied the savegame back to the kongregate folder after level completion. After reloading the kingdom rush game webpage on kongregate, the savegame loaded successfully.
Screenshot that it worked for me on kongregate:

Thank you very much Tacyarts!
Additionally, I’d recommend making a backup copy of the savegame file before overwriting in case something goes wrong.

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Thank you so much, Tacyarts. It was a bit difficult for me to find the save archives because they were inside ninja folders, but finally I have completed the entire level 12.

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kingdom rush kept dleleting my progress,so i got tired of starting over after completing 15 i stopped playing

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Hello, I have also a “mini-bug” or an error.
I saw the 1-star reward for giving a like to Ironhide Games in Facebook, so I went to FB and gave it a like. But no star came to my game bill, nor after refreshing the page and things like that.
Could someone help me with that please?

EDIT: fixed, the star came some days later.

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Sorry for putting following problems here…

I have few problems with tablet/android kingdom rush version… checked the flash to be sure it is not my bad memory…

1st long range/sniper shooting of archers seems not working. it shoots in a range of the tower (kong version is working ok).
2nd when heroes is on in 1st slot it will be on in 2nd freshly started one. was not checked it too much but happened to me (was not checking flash).
3rd… I am not sure if it is a bug or not… flash version can act the same way I was not checking it too much and my memory can be wrong about it… archers’ serpent upgrade sometimes is missing completly. fast moving creatures just pass through it… I was thinking it starts to act when enemy approaching but may be it is just working fine. Sometimes I have all wolfes hordes killed with serpents and once per few plays I can only watch as they pass my 4-6 conscripts without triggering serpents at all.

Android version looks a little harder then flash one… may be mouseing is faster then tapping :).

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You need to report this to the devs. Bumping a year old topic in the Kong website technical help forum won’t get you “in game” help.


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I do not bother.

Was thinking to put it to Ironhide forum but not possible without registering…
if someone is able to c&p it to bugs in theirs forum… feel free to do this. :)

Will not investigate it further how to post this stuff to some e-mail support of theirs.