Profile personalisation: cleared personal information?

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I have been working on my profilepage for some time, and always thought of it being something I was proud of, as it showed my achievements, but more important, a thanks list to certain people, some friends of mine.

Now all is gone after I added some text, and the only thing that is remaining is a simple *.

my question:

And am I/ or someone else (with a nice red button/badge) able to reverse it?

for those unable to view: it states: what kind of sorcery is this

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Are you sure you didn’t delete it by accident? And where did you edit? From the profile page or into “Edit Profile”?

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Originally posted by AllStarDominatio:

Are you sure you didn’t delete it by accident? And where did you edit? From the profile page or into “Edit Profile”?

I am sure I didn’t do it by accident, as I didn’t have any text or input selected at all. And I edited it from the edit full profile. I did have multiple windows open ( one game screen, one on the profile), but I have never found that that played up before.

If it is a bug, I am happy that I reported it with this post. If it would appear to be my fault, even though I am not able to imagine how that would be, I am still hoping some administrator is able to pop in with a reverse change button. That would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: to ease this, I will wait with imidiately working on it again.

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Fixing formatting is up to you. I’ve provided a screenshot and the text of what it looked like before:

Wave_Rida is like a man in a tuxedo rolling around in the mud, he gets gentleman filthy, but never loses his style. ThedrakenZ

You are a god among men! heartofasoldier

Hi There

Hello everybody, I am Wave_Rida, also known as TDK’s diplomat, the FoA / eXo pet, and big Al thanks to clam :D. I was obsessed with Backyard Monsters, until the game got shutdown. I am a leader of the alliance called The Dragon Knights. If there is anything else you want to know/ ask, give me a shout or a PM!

Started Galaxy life on the 25th +- of febuary due to the closing of Backyard monsters. Goodbye my friends

Some links:

TDK , the dragon knights, best alliance ever, officially elected to be the Friendliest alliance in BYM!

me well the old me. got bugged in a game, so i needed a new acc.

my jump account well this was for Backyard monsters specifically. I helped out people with this account.


Humble in victory, dignity in loss. To take your first bite from the tip of your sword, and to die with it in your hands during battle. Live by this code, and you’ll always be known as a honorable opponent.

“The general who advances without coveting fame and retreats without fearing disgrace, whose only thought is to protect his country and do good service for his sovereign, is the jewel of the kingdom.”
Bands of brothers
inspirator and senator of Betrayal’s Revenge 
Leader of The Dragon Knights for galaxy life & Backyard Monsters,
Studend of the Purple Powah :3,
Member of Cult of WAR (COW :P ), MM&I, STORM, TGFA, 
And EX-Leader of TSOTL,

I have the power. No gun, no knife, no sword. Just my spirit, my fingers, the power of the magical pen, the word. I can rip out your heart, break you down into pieces, or lighten you up. Lift you above the skies, or make you realise your mistakes and understand it all. All I need I have, only one flaw. But, any good general will not reveal his weaknes(ses)…

“Clemency concealed under Rigour.”

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Great! Thanks alot!

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Wow, UG, you are awesome! :D