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I’m trying upload the lastest version of the Color Buster Game, and the site give me the message:

1 error prohibited this Game version from being saved.

Game file is invalid

Modify Preview Version
Error: Uploaded data is invalid

The game file isn’t invalid, and works perfectly.

For a test, I try upload the older version of the file (the same version is already on kongregate) and the same message appears!

I need to upload this file… so? :)

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Oh, the update in game is the MochiAd… But the Kongregate block MochiAd’s AD, right?
So, I don’t need to update the games?

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Hey mepixa, if this is still not working for you, you can send the .swf to feedback@kongregate.com. We’ll test it out, and if it’s broken we’ll try to figure out why.

Sorry about that!

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I have the same problem. My file is located here and works (as you can see):


As with mepixa, if I try to upload it I get the “Uploaded data is invalid” error. It has MochiAds as well but I tried to remove it and it didn’t make any difference.


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Aha! I solved the problem! I used a different computer! Seems like the upload widget is a bit buggy and doesn’t work on some computers. :-(

Btw, it would be also nice to mention somwhere that there is a resoultion limit of 700 pixel in width. Now I have to re-deisgn my game. >:-(