Level 64 Account issue

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Link to the account with the issue: http://www.kongregate.com/accounts/catsfanj

I tried to reset password for my real account (catsfanj) but it says I have blocked all communications from Kongregate and need to email support@kongregate.com, and they make me sign in to their help desk which I already signed up for but forgot the password to it and I can’t send a password forgotten email (sent one to the supplied address, but no response after an hour)…
Kongregate.com won’t let me reset my password unless I email them at support@kongregate.com
Emailing them, I get this address: http://kong.zendesk.com/requests/3*** (starred out for privacy)
There, I find that my email has already been used to make an account on the site, but from there, I have to email the support team for that site at support@kong.zendesk.com ……..

Can anyone help? :/

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No one here will be able to help you. It seems like you know what you have to do, though. If you’re having problems with the Zendesk website, I’m sure they’ll help you through the support e-mail if you explain your situation politely.

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I just set you a recovery token for your catsfanj account. Thanks for bringing up the confusion with Zendesk.