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Hi, i would like to know why Kongregate let developpers like Night Owl Games publish their game here. That company dont give a … for their customer and i am really pissed off at the moment because they made a patch yesterday at the end of the day and they really broke a lot of things and now we cant play it. I pay already a good amount of cash in this game and if Kong dont do something quick about those kind of game, i will have to stop spending on every game in Kong.

Edit: BTW, this is not the first time they do things like that. And most of the time went things arent working well, the only reply we get from support is “Working as intended”. Its already dinner time and we still havent heared from them.

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Anyone can upload a game, as long as it follows the guidelines (appropriate, etc). If a developer isn’t being very pleasant, then the best thing to do is to stop playing the game. If you have chosen to spend money in a game, that was your choice to make. Usually the only time Kongregate will issue a refund is if the game is being taken down, and that’s for any purchases made in the 30 days prior.

[Edit: Any in-game issues will need to be fixed by the developer. I can see just by glancing at the forum that there appears to be at least a few threads about the issue. I’m sure the developer is aware, but it’s up to them to decide what they will do about it.]

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So what you are telling me is that Developper just have to make a game partial game, add Kreds advantage, cashout and Kong wont give a damn… even if the dev dont give a … about players… right ?

I think Kong should be more into mmo that imply Kreds. What options do paying player do have when dev dont really care about their player then ?