unity failed!!! Help

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I just Windows Update nad the its working anymore

failed to initialize 2d rendering make sure you have direct x 9 and video card driver installed

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1. Make sure you have DirectX installed:

Go to this site to install it

Follow the instructions to install DirectX.

2. Update your graphics card drivers:

The right place to get them depend on the brand of your machine. Start by visiting your computer manufacter’s site (i.e dell, hp, acer, etc.) If you can’t find anything try these:


3. Test that your video card works:

In Windows open a “Run As..” dialog by holding the Windows Key + “R”. When the dialog opens type “dxdiag” (without quotes) and press OK. Switch to the “Display” tab and verify that “DirectDraw Acceleration”, “Direct3D Acceleration” and “AGP Texture Acceleration” are enabled.