Unable to Load Games that display Ads

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I am unable to load any game that initially displays an ad first, like this one:

I have both clicked Close and let the ad run. In either case it displays a blank white screen afterward. The chat and login connect fine. The rest of the page is responsive (banner ads, etc.) but the flash area only displays a right click menu of “Movie not loaded / About Adobe Flash”.

I’ve tested under Chrome, Firefox, and IE; all three exhibit the same behavior. I’ve tested each logged in and as an anonymous user; still blank. I’ve enabled and disabled different version of the flash plugin; still the same. I’ve done the roit act of clearing cookies, cache, etc. Same behavior.

I have no problems with other games on Kongregate that don’t display an ad first. I can also play flash games on other sites whether they display ads or not.

My hypothesis is there has been some change to the Kong ad code that gives this error, or some common miscall of the API by developers. I was able to play flash games displaying ads at least a few months ago. As this started happening, my workaround has been to play less on Kong and more on Armor Games. ;-P

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It doesn’t happen to me. The ads play out and the game loads just fine. But I have noticed several users lately (more than normal) mentioning the “Movie not loaded/white/grey blank screen” problem (Basically this recent thread). So your hypothesis might be right in thinking it’s partly due to a recent update.