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I don’t know who answers/solves the problems in the Feedback section, but I feel I have done something wrong… twice.

The other day I was doing the Army of Destruction badge. I finished the game, but I didn’t get my badge. I sent a screen to feedback, but when I went to my profile the badge was there. It was a chat problem, I know. So then I send another feedback saying sorry about my error.

This Thursday, I was doing the medium Bloons badge. I got to level 35 and all, but didn’t receive my badge. Before sending to feedback, I checked my profile, but the badge wasn’t there. I took some screens and sent to feedback again.

The same afternoon, I started playing the game again to find new strategies and so, and I got to level 35, but this time it sent me the badge.

I don’t remember if it is Greg or Damijin, but sorry for sending 3 feedbacks that I solved myself. I know you have lots of work, but it’s been my fault. :)

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I made couple days ago also mistake with feedback. I mean… 2 mistakes. But don’t worry.