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Completed 100% of Primary W-TASK weapon and 58% of secondary weapon.
The kit completed star says 37%. Do I have to have the KIt 100% completed before I can use the primary w-task weapon which is 100% complete?

Other players say I can use the primary now but no button appears allowing me to use the gun.

I use Windows Vista + Google Chrome + latest Java update.

How can I use my w-task weapon?

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In-game issue, contact the developer via the “Report a bug” link on the game page.

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una Pregunta haver si son tan amables.. YO tengo completadas H&k 416c rifle y varias pistolas, y con una pistola si que me sale el silenciador pero con el rifle y otra pistola no me salen los complementos al ponerme a jugar, teniendo superada ya la W-TASKS. diganme como puedo usar las armas con sus accesorios porfavor. GRACIAS

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just click the star

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close and lock this thread pls.

this thread is posted at wrong forum.

it should be posted in contract wars forum, not here.