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I have to say this has nothing to do with Kong at all, but I haven’t found any rule that would say I can post only Kong-related technical issues here, so I’ll give it a try, if you don’t mind.

Until a few weeks ago, I had been using two headsets – one jacked in directly to the box, and the other one connected to my keyboard that has external inbound and outbound audio jacks. Then I bought a Logitech H800 headset, that works great and all, but unfortunately doesn’t seem to get along with either one of my older sets. It requires me to change to the appropriate sound device in the Control Panel, which then excludes the other two headsets. The new headset won’t work if it’s not selected, either.

Would anyone know how to get the Logitech and the old headset to work simultaneously? I’m running WinXP Home Edition.

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To use two headphones on one computer, your audio hardware needs to support it. For example, a sound card that has two physical headphone jacks, into each of which you could plug a separate pair

You could go get a headphone splitter.

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Yeah, I have that. I said it worked before with two headsets. On a side note, the Logitech doesn’t even use the standard jacks, but the USB port.

Plugging in the headsets isn’t the problem here, right now I’ve got three pairs of them plugged in – but only one works. I can change it to the other two working, but then the Logitech won’t work. This is a software issue only, really.