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Greetings, I am having trouble playing some games. I don’t know the technical terms so I will try to explain what happens: I’ve been playing for several days “Road of the Dead 2”, and it worked out perfectly. Now, from 3 days from now or so, the game goes completely accelerated, for example a zombie takes two seconds or three from when it leaps to the hood until the attack, although it goes so fast that ussually you have hit 5 or 7 obstacles so it leaps off. From time to time the acceleration reduces and it goes at normal or a little bit faster speed (But just for one or two seconds).

The curious thing is that I started playing other games, and a little bit more or less they all work wrong, even bit battles. Yet my computer and my PC games works as fine as always…

What can I do?

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If you’re having difficulty with a game itself, you should contact the game developer for information. There’s a link on the game page to report a game-related bug.

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It is not to a single game, they are all the flash games that are working wrong… And I don’t know what to do… I’ve already updated the flash player but nothing