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I see that many people have problems with uploading, so I made this topic to help you. This is my first FAQ. More coming later. Maybe.

I can only see the chat and my game has disappeared. What should I do?

Go to your game, press the edit button, go to uploading part and select the file again. It re-uploads your game without any problems. Hopefully.

When I am uploading it says “Permalink has already been taken”, what this means?

This means that there is already a game named with that same game name you are trying to upload. Change the name of game and try again.

I wanna get my game deleted, and I can’t find the delete button. Where is it?

Users can’t delete their games, only admins can. To remove your game, use the Feedback button on the top of page or email feedback@kongregate.com or support@kongregate.com .

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I need this place later… Maybe. Sorry double posting…