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Since the updates are on, I found some problems that are pretty strange.

I know you are working on this one, but I’ll tell it anyway: When I click on friends, I see X player playing X game but no room.

It also happens that when X player is playing X game in X room, I go to that room and that person doesn’t appear. And if it appears, it doesn’t as a friend.

Another random problem with games. Where the game should be, it appears this text:

*We’ve been automatically notified of the problem, but if it keeps occurring, please email feedback@kongregate.com.

Click here to return to the homepage.*

It’s random, because at the moment of writing this any game didn’t work and now they do. The chat works normally.

Anyone else facing this?

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Yes, I’ve been having all those problems. Especially the games not loading and getting the error screen in the games frame. I’m getting it all the time.

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Yep, lots of problems. One to add is that my friends list have shown about 7 friends being online for the last 2 weeks, playing the same game 24/7.

Don’t you just love updates?

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Yes, these have been reported.

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I had these problems too, but I was too lazy to report these because I sended 5 days ago feedback and just today got the answer. Kongregate must be really busy.