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Something’s not right here… I upload my game, give it a description and an Icon and everything, and click upload, and it says “an error has occured.” It can’t be a problem with the game, because it didn’t ask for the game yet! It just yells at me and won’t do anything else! What’s wrong? Is the site… like… under construction or something? This is my second game and it won’t let me get past the first screen! Please help VERY soon…

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I’ve been having no end of problems with game uploads. I’ve gotten this error you describe, I’ve had the 0 by 0 pixel size problem, I’ve had it simply fail to update my multi file game.

Any chance we can get a general status report on the game uploads? Are you guys working on it? Is there something I should be doing differently with the file prep?

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I’ve tried to upload my game and I had the same problem. Is there any preview of making this work out?

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What exactly are you doing to the upload process? How did you ruin it in the first place?

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hey guys – it looks like there’s a problem when you add tags to a new game. Sorry about that. Just leave that field blank for now.

The 0×0 bug has been very hard for us track down – we’re still looking into that. Usually uploading again fixes it.

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Ok! Txs!
I’ll try this way now!

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I’ve left the tag blank and it ain’t uploading yet…

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Is there a way to upload the game icon later?


Ummm… it didn’t work… no Tags… I’ll try omitting the icon.


Nothing is working! DUDES FIX YOUR SITE ALREADY!!! It just does some stupid error with no reason and everytime I open any file it says somethning about a missing handler and frankly I’m gettin’ fed up!!!


*We’re sorry, an error has occurred.We’ve been automatically notified of the problem, but if it keeps occurring, please email feedback@kongregate.com.

Click here to return to the homepage.*


2 errors prohibited this Game from being saved.

Category can’t be blank
Game icon cannot be saved until game is valid


Somebody fix this or I might have to take this game elsewhere!!!! I’ve uploaded one game already and it worked fine, but this one won’t even get to the second screen! AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!