Playing in someone else's computer.

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If I login into someone else’s computer, I’m risked to receive his awards? I know some of the data is stored client based – for example, Max Mesiria RPG data. And I believe that some games that have badges – like Gravitee, SGCM2 and Papa’s Pizzeria – too.

I don’t want to login into a lan-house and face the risk of getting a hacked score or login into a friend’s computer and have my achievements mixed up with his (It would spoil the fun).

Some feedback would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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Most Internet Cafe’s clear their temporary data and downloaded program files in between clients – so when you open up a game in one of them, there won’t be any save data. The flipside of this is that any save data you create will be lost when you log off.

Achievements are all handled server-side – the only way to get one without actually doing it is for the game to report your statistic when it loads up – which means that even if your Cafe doesn’t delete stored data, there’s no risk of you getting the badge accidently if you don’t play that particular game.

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Flash local data is not the same as browser cached data and often gets left behind, even after temporary file cleaning.

So in short, yes, that is totally possible. One way to avoid data crossover in your account (without deleting the computer owners data) is to create a new windows login, even if just temporarily. Windows will store its Flash cookies separately for each account.