Owed two badges. Game won't give.

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Hello. I am relatively new here. Signed up a crazy long time ago and until about a week ago have been playing like crazy. Already up to Lvl 10 (20 points from 11) and I have run into two games that won’t give me my achievement badges.

There’s the following two games:

Relentless Attacks Badge (easy – 5 points)
Get a combo string of 5 or higher in Newgrounds Rumble

Achievement Completionist Badge (hard – 30 points)
Complete every single last achievement possible in Gravitee

All 20 achievements completed – May not be currently achievable by those who had all 20 achievements before this badge was made. We’ll fix this very soon — sorry!

Now, the second game I can see why it wouldn’t give me since there already is a problem with it. But the thing is I didn’t complete all of the games achievements until just a few days ago. When I started playing, I noticed the error but figured it didn’t apply since I was new to playing it.

The first game I just now had a problem with. I just finished all of its achievements and it still won’t give me the badge.

Maybe it has to do with an in-game achievement system or something. I can screenshot the proof if an admin/mod can just flip a switch and turn on my two badges. I dunno how the system works here. I just have a problem with two games and I figured I’d come here to seek help.

~ Michael

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Please look over the General Information [read before making a thread] sticky, as it contains links relative to common issues (like this one).

For these types of issues, we have the Technical Support Forum.

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I did look at that first link. That’s why I’m posting here. That link only linked to another link that said “Sorry, no matching topic was found.” I’ll try the Tech. Support tho.

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The thread to use is a sticky in the tech support forum. I’ll check the links and be closing/moving this thread shortly, now that you know where it is. Thanks.

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just refesh the page with the gravitee achievement, worked with someone else having the same prob