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I just got anew laptop with Vista Home Premium and now the games won’t save after a roboot. I am certain that it is some setting in IE, but I can’t seem to find it. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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Roboot? maybe you meant reboot…

Anyways… it may be that every time your laptop resets it gets rid of the temporary internet files… (those save progress in games…etc)
Or maybe a fire wall is blocking those temp. internet files from being saved on your laptop…

As of suggestions… I have none… sorry… I don’t know to much about computers.

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If you right click on the flash player and go to settings, try setting the allocated file size to unlimited.

Internet Explorer might be blocking it too, as a result of it being a crap buggy browser, and them attempting to fix it by not letting you do things. Somewhere in the local settings tab or something… (i don’t use it anymore)

PS: AndrAIa is hawt. – sigh -