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Here’s the deal:

The user is on a firewalled machine which allows port 4480 out to specific IP addresses.

There is an SSHD set up on one of these IP addresses. Putty is being used to open an SSH connection, but also as a dynamic port forwarder. For all intents an purposes, this is just a simple old HTTP proxy (except with added encryption). We’ve tried with a regular HTTP proxy (Proxy+, squid, etc) to no avail.

Everything loads just fine, even the chat application… but the chat, once loaded, will not connect. I understand that the chat runs on port 5222, but I’m curious to know if it has something to do with the flash player having proxy settings or not.

Any help is appreciated.


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Further investigation revealed that “most” proxies route only HTTP traffic (stateless TCP connections). If I recall correctly, the type of tunneling I’m doing is similar to that of a VPN, which shouldn’t hold any judgement to stateful TCP connections, which is what the flash player uses.

Still looking for help, however.


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You can read my post here:

It might help in your situation. I am not fully understanding your setup, but since you are already using putty, it might just be as easy as adding a new tunnel.